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Next Available Course 10 August 2013


For a new applicant to obtain a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) in the State of Texas, he/she must complete a 10 hour training course, pass the range qualification test, and pass a 50 question exam. The applicant must then submit the application packet (complete with passport photos, affidavits, proficiency certificate CHL-100 issued by the instructor, and other forms) to the state and pay the required fee in order to apply for the Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL).

Applicants should complete the Texas CHL application online and receive the application packet from the Texas DPS. This should be done before the class to expedite procedure, however applicants may do this after the class is taken. The CHL-100 training certificate for new applicants is valid for two years from date of issuance.

Fingerprint services are not included with the class. Applicant must schedule to have fingerprints taken at an L-1 Enrollment Services location.

Classroom instruction topics include:
• deadly force
• dispute resolution
• concealed handgun law
• gun safety and storage
• selection of a concealed carry gun
• legislative changes
• handgun accuracy training